CompanyCentres of excellence

Together with the relocation and integration of the two former sites in a single state-of-the-art facility, B & C started a structural re-design of its services.
Each specific service unit (Production, Warehousing & Distribution, Transport Coordination, and Specimen Services) will be led by a dedicated Project Coordinator, whom has the field knowledge and expertise to create a Centre of Excellence.

Our approach of using Centres of Excellence ensures that specialists are highly involved from the very beginning of study setup to study completion. They care about your clinical research logistics’ needs. To assure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are well applied, the B & C Quality Assurance (QA) team closely supports your study management at B & C.

On top of those Centres of Excellence, a new BID (Business Intelligence & Development) department has been created. The members of the BID department have a global view of the B & C offer and are able to analyze your specific needs together with the Centres of Excellence to provide and advise you the perfect solution for your projects.