CompanyQuality Policy

B & C Group (B & C for short) is committed to become a world leading niche provider of logistics services that relate to drug development: consultancy, packaging of IMPs (investigational medicinal products), import of IMPs, assembly of clinical trial kits, storage of biological specimens and warehousing, distribution and transport of the required supplies.

The main purpose of this quality policy is to define and communicate the management commitment to implement, maintain and improve our quality management system (QMS) across all operational departments of B & C in line with customers' requirements and customers' expectations.  B & C is doing business in a GxP regulated environment and therefore the QMS must ensure integration of and compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

The B & C motto "Because we Care" reflects the management team's conviction to have a QMS that is subject to continuous improvement via monitoring and analyzing relevant KPIs (key performance indicators).  At B & C we do care about:

  • the customers' expectations and requirements
  • efficacy and efficiency of our services that should not jeopardize at any moment the patient safety and the product quality
  • the regulatory compliance of our services
  • all B & C staff members who provide these services to the customers

To maintain and improve the QMS, the B & C management team will provide necessary resources and support to:

  • ensure all staff members are appropriately trained in relation to their job
  • inform all staff members about customer and regulatory requirements
  • ensure that the procedures of the QMS are adhered to
  • ensure that customers' products are dealt with in a safe and secure manner
  • ensure that customers' intellectual property is dealt with in a confidential manner
  • ensure follow up on customer complaints, deviations and corrective and preventive actions
  • review on a regular basis that the QMS is functioning with the necessary efficacy (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing the things right)

Both the QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance) departments act as a catalyst of the QMS to ensure that the required quality level is in place and controlled.

Quality objectives of all departments should focus and integrate the B & C core values: efficient, innovative, flexible, clinical expert and quality.