LibraryB & C Group and Bio Pharma Logistics Join Forces

Pharma and Biotech Companies focus to decrease their high transport & logistics spent in clinical research and aim to have pass-through costs without any mark-up. Their Outsourcing Managers also want to reduce the number of subcontractors, build partnerships and negotiate even better rates without loosing the flexibility. According to Philippe Van der Hofstadt, CEO of B & C Group, the industry is now mature to think out-of-the-box and challenge old-fashioned and redundant supply chains.

Defining the “real” transport requirements is crucial in optimizing transport costs. The outsourcing managers will now have access to a supplier combining straight forward transport by integrators, urgent next-day deliveries through premium courier services or controlled temperature shipments to remote areas requiring, batched shipments of PK-PD or biomarker specimens samples after a quality control on-site. The expert Project Coordinator will advise the Clinical Project Managers
“Due to the economic and pharmaceutical environment, research processes are drastically changing.” says Philippe Van der Hofstadt.“ In 2006, the FDA released a Critical Path Opportunities List that calls for advancing innovative trial designs, especially for the use of prior experience or accumulated information in trial design.

B & C Group was founded in 1999 to provide integrated clinical packaging, warehousing, biorepository and transport services dedicated to drug development. The company offers the supply chain management of Investigational Medicinal Products, patient-sampling kits, biological specimens and other clinical trial materials.

B.P.L. (Bio Pharma Logistics) is a transport and logistics company specialized in (bio) pharmaceutical shipments and clinical trials. It operates a network linking its customers to more than 85 countries, often within 24 to 48 hours. The company’s expertise also includes international support for logistics, including customs clearance, freight forwarding and supply chain services.

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